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Thinking of Downsizing Your Business? Here’s How Trailers Can Help






Nowadays the news has a lot of ill omens for many businesses, whether it’s the worrying words of the Finance Minister Tito Mboweni or the liquidation threats of the retail giant Edgars, and so South Africa needs to start considering ways to keep the economy, and businesses, on its feet.

‘Downsizing’ a business may be seen as a bad roll, but it can offer some truly brilliant benefits. Some may consider some possible solutions as short-term options, though what’s truly interesting is how these may actually serve as long-term solutions; with downsizing being one of the most viable answers.

One of the most important things to remember when considering downsizing a business is that it doesn’t have to involve letting people go from your business. Firing or laying people off can inevitably lower costs, but it also goes without saying that this damages your business and the economy in general; so what alternatives does a business have when considering downsizing?

Simple; innovating your methods, experimenting with your means and considering smaller alternatives to larger staples of your business. This is where the idea of considering trailers comes into play.

Whether you’re looking to fend off rising costs, become more economically & environmentally friendly or even reinvent your business to adapt to these new & troubling times, downsizing by using trailers could mean the difference between calling it a day & joining the losing side of the economy and surviving these alarming waves & thriving for years to come.



How You Can Downsize Your Food Trailer Business

Restaurants & Food Trucks: Downsizing with Food Trailers



Many arguments can be made for making the jump to food trailers; countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have seen a huge spike in popularity in the last few years with food trucks. As far as a business plan goes, food trailers are essentially a win-win; costs are much lower than starting up, running and innovating a restaurant, and customers get to enjoy all types of different dishes for a fraction of the price.

Modern times call for modern approaches to business, and food trailers can really thrive from a strong social media presence. Downsizing a business often calls for tough decisions on budgeting, but from converting a marketing campaign filled with the likes of expensive advertisements to simply using free tools such as Facebook and Twitter can make a huge difference.

Any pre-existing business branding can easily apply to food trailers, the costs for experimenting with & creating dishes is instantly reduced, and exceptionally high expenses like rent & upkeep is virtually eliminated. Restaurants considering downsizing should almost certainly weigh up their options with food trailers, and any food trucks currently struggling can certainly benefit from downsizing to a smaller food trailer.

In February this year saw 120 jobs lost when Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins pulled out of South Africa, suggesting that there may be more layoffs in the restaurant/food industry coming up in 2019. Downsizing might be one of the best ways for those within this industry to survive and, perhaps surprisingly to some, thrive when embracing food trailers.



How You Can Downsize Your Moving Business

Delivery & Moving Companies: Downsizing with Closed Trailers



The old saying of ‘compartalisation is key’ applies to all businesses, with none adhering to it quite as aptly as the likes of delivery and moving companies. Businesses that depend on moving items on the road obviously needs to be aware of the size of their vehicles, yet many companies might not consider any alternatives to lorries; this is where closed trailers come into play.

Downsizing lorries to custom made trailers can offer a wealth of benefits; closed trailers offer the same level of security and mobility that lorries do, all whilst adding the benefits of being more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective and more business-focused. There’s little point for paying more to keep lorries going, or the lorries in general, when the space within isn’t being used; a perfect example of this would be for the likes of bicycle trailers, just one type of these trailers that can be custom made by Diamond Trailers. 

Another benefit to these custom closed trailers might not be obvious to some businesses, which is the seamless way that these trailers can be branded. While it might be a large & arduous job to brand or decorate the likes of big lorries, custom trailers have ample opportunities to have plenty of your own business’ sense of style. 

Even large, high-cost businesses that deal with extremely expensive products can find some financial salvation from downsizing with closed trailers. For example, when it comes to the fastlane business of selling cars, both normal and sports, Diamond Trailers can even create custom car trailers; eliminating the need for large, bulky & costly lorries.



How You Can Downsize Your Advertising Business

Entertainment & Marketing Companies: Downsizing with Promotional Trailers



Massive losses in the industry, such as Multichoice laying off two thousand workers and even SABC requiring a R3bn cash injection just to be able to pay their workers’ salaries, should serve as a warning to those working in entertainment that they should consider downsizing. These may be titans of the industries who wouldn’t be likely to consider trailers for many elements of their business, but it raises many questions as to which smaller businesses truly could benefit from considering these downsizing options.

Powerful generators, mobile exhibition spaces and even portable stages are just some of the opportunities open to businesses that are considering downsizing. These examples serve as mobile and extremely more cost-effective resources than those that are currently in use by giants in the industry, whether it’s in South Africa or in countries like the United States. One of the most vital advantages to keep in mind from this is tantamount to the nature of trailers themselves; the ease-of-transport.

Companies that specialise in either creating stages for festivals or providing power for venues usually have to work with companies to transport equipment or focus on providing their own transport, whereas these custom trailers can serve as an ‘all-in-one’ solution for many businesses in the entertainment industry.

To conclude, although South Africa’s economy may be going through some troubling times, there are many ways you can successfully downsize your business without resorting to drastic measures like letting people go. Diamond Trailers offers these concise, customisable trailer options for any and all businesses; providing everything from commercial trailers for transportation purposes to mobile essentials like mobile toilet trailers. Whatever trailer requirements can help with your business, be sure to get in touch with us here at Diamond Trailers.