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8 Inspiring Farming Blogs That You Must Read

You might not have considered farming as a profession before, or you might be interested in transitioning from office worker to professional farmer but have no idea how it’s done.

At Diamond Trailers, we have found the 8 best farm websites where you can find tons of essential information, entertaining anecdotes and a wealth of insight into the world of farming. Whether you’re a budding farmer yourself or are just a bit nosy (who isn’t, even a little?) these farming blogs are a must read for everyone.

Our 8 bloggers prove that running a farm is no easy feat but an incredibly rewarding one all the same. It’s an important profession that all of us benefit from on a daily basis and unfortunately isn’t talked about nearly enough. By documenting their experience, these bloggers are doing a great job at starting up a conversation about farming, sharing its highs and lows, and the current issues faced by farmers everywhere.

So check out their blogs below and see if they don’t inspire you too!

Laura was daring enough to do what we all dream of doing: quitting our office jobs to pursue a lifelong dream. The beautiful Cocking Hill farm is around 700 acres of agricultural land and home to a 2,000 head flock of NZ Romney sheep. Through great, insightful posts on what daily life on a farm is like and tons of gorgeous photographs, Laura shows what it really means to give up city life for driving tractors. It might be hard work but it still seems like a lot of fun!

Fresh Eggs Daily is a must-read for anyone interested in raising chickens (or for anyone who wants to see adorable photos of fluffy chicks). Lisa’s blog is bursting with information on chicken and duck keeping, with posts on everything including health, nutrition and behaviour. Her beautiful photographs will brighten your day and her mouth-watering recipes (all using eggs, of course) will have you cooking up all kinds of delicious treats!

Katie’s farming blog brings you funny and heartfelt stories from her farm in Essex. She has tons of advice and insight into the farming profession, sharing her journey into the industry and what it’s like now she’s there. Her blog has recipes, advice for raising animals and chatty life updates that are engaging and inspiring to read. Her blog is already a success, with Katie receiving numerous appraisals (including a nomination for the Digital Innovator award at the 2017 British Farming Awards) and we can totally see why!

Jake’s blog will educate you on what exactly is going on in the farming industry, with posts covering everything from pesticides to agroforestry. His vast knowledge and passion for agriculture is both impressive and inspiring. His entertaining anecdotes about life on the farm make it clear that farming is an ever-eventful journey and one that requires more planning, dedication and early mornings than you would ever imagine!

Emma’s blog documents all aspects of family life on the farm, with posts on everything from guides to keeping chickens to farm-themed wedding ideas. With a particular interest in chicken-keeping, Emma has tons of stories to tell, delicious recipes to share and animals to introduce you to! Not only that, her blog will also introduce you to tons of other female farmers who are doing amazing things for their industry. You’ll feel inspired, entertained and a bit hungry.

One of our favourite hobby farm blogs, Girl Meets Bee gives us a peek inside the busy life of Frances, tending to her bees and reaping the rewards (honey, lots and lots of honey). Whether you’re into beekeeping yourself or not, the long and technical process involved in creating honey is truly fascinating to read about and Frances talks about it with such passion and intelligence. She really knows her stuff and after reading her blog, you will too!

We love a good lifestyle blog, especially when it involves food, animals and nice photographs. When she isn’t “raising children, chickens and everything in between”, lifestyle blogger Emily lives a creative life, with an incredible chicken coop to prove it! She and her husband are always busy cooking, home schooling, completing quirky DIY projects and of course, posting all about it on their blog!

Part time student, part time farmer’s daughter, Hannah Binns is doing a great job raising awareness for her industry with a farming blog that documents her adventures on and off the farm. Her love and passion for farming is really inspiring, and it’s great to see someone of a younger generation with such an interest in agriculture. Her blog is the perfect place to take a peek into life on a family farm, and to be honest we’re a little jealous that we don’t have fields, tractors and sheep outside our bedroom windows too!