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Do you need high-quality diesel or water trailers in South Africa? At Diamond Trailers, we manufacture different types of trailers to suit unique applications, including tanker trailers and water trailers.

Water Trailers

Built To Size
Custom built water tank trailers, built to your specifications.

2500L Diesel/Petrol & Water trailers

Supplied with Pumps, Hose reels and more

Stainless Steel Petrol Trailer

Petrol Trailers
Supplied with Pump, flow meter and hose/nossel and 1000L of Afgas

Diesel Trailer

Built To Size
Can be supplied with or without a pump, 2500L steel tank

Diesel Tanker Trailers

Diesel Trailers
Custom built diesel tank trailers, built ton your specifications.

Light Tower Generator Trailers

Custom Built Trailers
Custom made trailer with generator and a light tower.

Custom Tank Trailers

Built To Size
Custom built trailer to transport any size tank and pump set.


Often, diesel and water trailers are required for commercial or agricultural use, meaning you will need strong and durable equipment that is up to the task. Our diesel and water trailers are strong and secure containers. Built using the very finest materials, they are great for helping you to transport fluids safely and easily.

At Diamond Trailers, all our trailers are custom built and designed individually for each customer. Tell us what you need and we’ll build you a trailer exactly to your specifications. If there are any specific features you would like your trailer to have, we can sort this for you.

Our workshop is based in Gauteng and you are always welcome to drop in to discuss your trailer project with us in person. Alternatively, get in contact with us today via phone, email or the contact form with any questions you might have.