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Looking for mobile toilets from trailer manufacturers, South Africa? At Diamond Trailers, we design and build our trailers exactly to your requirements to create a final product that perfectly meets your needs.

As trailer manufacturers, we pride ourselves on our excellent construction and the quality of our products, using only the best quality materials to build our trailers. We do all we can to ensure we always satisfy the needs of our customers – if you need a portable toilet for a function or event, we can help!

Exec Mobile Toilets

Mobile Toilet Trailers
Toilet trailers including His and Hers cubicles that are flush-able with hand basin.

Branded VIP His & Hers Exec Toilets

Custom Built Trailers
Custom built His & Hers toilets with branding.

2.3m VIP Toilet Trailer

Mobile Toilet Trailers
2.3m Trailer with flush toilets, hand basin, solar powered pumps and lights and more.

VIP Toilet 3m SAB

Mobile Toilet Trailers
Includes 2 Ceramic flush-able toilets, 2 ceramic basins with cold water, 2 foam sanitizers, 2 windows, 2 Mirrors, solar powered pumps and lights and more.

Mobile Toilets

Built To Size
Exec Toilets trailers for sale with His and Hers cubicals, 12V electric motor, flush-able toilets, lights and more.

VIP Toilet Trailers

Mobile Toilet Trailers
Branded VIP Toilet trailers built to your specifications.

Large VIP Toilet Trailers

Mobile Toilet Trailers
3m Mobile VIP Toilet trailers, supplied with flush-able ceramic toilets, ceramic basins, fresh water tanks, solar powered lights, sanitizers and more.


We have a range of mobile toilets for sale in Gauteng with a range of different features, whether you’re looking for a more basic mobile toilet or VIP mobile toilets for sale, we have mobile toilets to suit everyone. Below are just some of the designs of mobile toilets that we offer. If you have something completely different in mind however, we are always happy to discuss other options with you.

If you are using your mobile toilet for a company event, why not make the most of your trailer by branding it with your company colours? We offer you the option to personalise your portable toilet, which is a great opportunity for advertising and promotion.

Contact us today for mobile toilets prices

If you have any questions at all about either our mobile toilets or VIP toilets for sale, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Similarly, if you would like to inquire about the mobile toilets price list, get in contact with us either by phone, email or the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.