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Searching for a high-quality farm or cattle trailer? Farming and agricultural work requires high-quality equipment that is tough and durable. At Diamond Trailers, we design and custom build farm and cattle trailers exactly to your specifications. If you need a high-performance farm trailer, we can help.

2.4m 2 ton Cattle trailer

Livestock Trailers
Cattle trailer with double axle with slide gate.

Walk on Cattle Trailer

Built For The Farming Industry
Built with a fold down gate and a double axle 2 ton.

4 & 5m Cattle Trailer

View With Ramp Down
4 and 5m Cattle trailer built for transporting livestock.

4 & 5m Cattle Trailer

View With Ramp Up
4 and 5m Cattle trailer built for transporting livestock.

Large Cattle & Sheep trailer

Cattle & Sheep trailers
5m, 3 ton, Dividing partition, Sliding gate, Non slip floor

4m 3 ton Cattle Trailer

Livestock Trailers
4m Trailer with middle dividing gate, rear fold down and swing gate.

Livestock Trailer

Built For The Farming Industry
5m 3 ton Livestock trailer with a dividing gate and a walk on ramp.

Ride on Farm Trailer

Livestock Trailers
Designed for tractors, kabotors, bush cutters and all types of agricultural equipment.

Bush Multipurpose Trailer

Drop Side Multi Trailer
6m 2.5 ton Trailer with a flat bed, drop and removable sides and a double axle with brakes.

Livestock and Multi Trailer

Multipurpose Trailer
Custom built livestock trailer which can be used for transportation of all live stock as well as non farming purposes.


No matter what you’re transporting whether it’s livestock or produce, you want the contents of your trailer to remain secure during transit. We use only the highest quality trailer parts and materials to build our products to ensure that your animal trailer is entirely strong and durable.

Whether you want a trailer to transport feed, livestock or equipment around your farm, our trailers are built for purpose, designed and customised for your individual application.

Browse our cattle trailers for sale below and if you can’t find the one you’re after don’t panic. Our team are highly skilled at creating innovative designs of trailer to suit all applications. They will be more than happy to discuss other options with you.

At Diamond Trailers, we have a highly reputable and reliable team of cattle trailer manufacturers in South Africa who will work with you to create the exact trailer you need. If you would like more information or to discuss your trailer project with us in more detail please don’t hesitate to speak to us in person. To find out more about our agricultural trailers call us today on 083 775 9075.